At Buniah we understand that the real estate industry can be quite intimidating for even the most discerning buyer and that is our unique 360° approach allows you to breathe free.

Allow Buniah to help you find that dream space you can live in, work or create!

From providing you with in-depth information about the best locations and early bird prices to loan services and assistance with drafting of agreements, our team of professional and experienced consultants are dedicated to delivering value.

How about if we give you MORE than just ONE reason?

The Right Leverage:

We leverage the best interests of our clients (both buyers and sellers) across multiple platforms for the common gain of all..

The Right Expertise:

Our team of dedicated professionals have years of management & industry experience and proven successful track records backing them up. When we say ‘Only the best work for you’ – We mean it!

The Right Services:

From coordinating between financial, insurance and mortgages to guidance through the laws and regulations of the region, our services take a 360° approach to buying property.

The Right Offers:

Our exclusive ‘fresh previews’ specially cater to serious buyers for the ‘Early bird’ offers – the best properties at the best prices! Get in Early and Get it Fresh!

The Right Network:

Buniah offices are situated in Business Bay, Dubai and allowing easier access to not only our services but better cross-investment opportunities!

The Right Products:

We understand the unique requirements of each client. A reason why our properties are spread across different and varied categories to suit your individual needs and requirements. Search from our comprehensive database and different parameters to find YOUR unique space.

The Right Information:

Our property research specialists work round the clock to empower you with updated information about the real estate markets you may be interested in, so that you can make an informed decision!

Why Buniah?
Because no one understands the property better than we do!

At BUNIAH we understand that selling your space is more than just creating a web-page highlighting your property and its features – it’s about generating ‘the BEST POSSIBLE’ returns on your investment.

Our modus operandi is unique to your needs, from finding the right family to sell your home to striking a deal with right investor for your land, we analyse each scenario to formulate strategies using innovative methodologies delivering results that will exceed your expectations.


Still need a reason to trust BUNIAH to Sell your property? We can give you many….



Unlimited ‘space’ for your Space!

We understand the need for presenting your property in the most effective way and giving it the best exposure and that is why you can give us unlimited details about your property including images, features, layout plans and more.
Our marketing specialists will make sure your property will get the right exposure for being propulsive in increasing sales and value for you!

Precise property valuation

Our property research specialists work round the clock to empower you with updated and accurate information about the property values in your area – Allowing you to make informed decisions on when and what value you would like to sell your property! For getting your property evaluated today – CONTACT US

Strategic Marketing

Every year our marketing team delivers innovative and effective ways using the latest technologies to market your properties to reach out to a wider target audience across the globe. From incorporating high-ranking website to creating effective adverts – our goal is to boost sales and increase your returns.

Tasteful Snapshots

They say a picture speaks a thousand words – and the perfect photograph can sell for millions more! If you don’t have great images of your property, allow our professional photographers to take winning stills of your place –some may call it photos – we call it art!

Comprehensive and significant Industry-related data:

Our database is updated regularly with the latest real-estate market trends and we generate reports after detailed market analysis and studies to keep our clients up-to-date on current real estate issues including laws and regulations, investment opportunities and more.



Our extensive local network allows us to provide a wide range of Dubai rental properties, both residential and commercial for clients to choose from.

Our well trained and professional leasing consultants will ensure that we can provide tailored solutions for our clients  with precise specifications of each property, location preferences of our clients, budget etc.

  • Services for landlords

Our extensive local market knowledge allows us to navigate legal and financial responsibilities while minimizing costly void periods and maximizing your return on investment.

We’ll arrange everything from marketing your property and sourcing tenants through to drawing up contracts as per Dubai Land Dpt requirements, rent collections and rent reviews allowing you a peace-of-mind and reliable rental income for as long you are in the rental market.


All our clients who are worried about the perfect image for their property to ‘expose’ their possessions, WE ARE HERE! As the images say the most of the story, we have hired the best photographers in the market who know how to truly represent the ‘real’ beauty of a property into picture.


  • Services for tenants

If you are seeking a residential or commercial property to rent, our specialist teams aim to make the entire process as smooth and straightforward as possible – from searching for a suitable premises to agreeing rental terms and moving you into your new location.

Contact us and take advantage of our extensive database of exclusive rental properties

Buniah offers comprehensive solutions from Property Management to maintenance & improvement for our clients.  Our strategy minimizes vacancy rates and ensures profitability at optimum levels.


We always have available leasing opportunities across the UAE, and internationally. From buying to selling, or leasing, Buniah can lead you to with the desired size & feature, type, location and price of the property



Buniah recognizes its own experience in delivering these management services to the customers and clients.  Its management role may include, but not limited to typical assessments, and disputes (rent & tenant), marketing & promotion, customer service, actual operation (lease agreement, etc), Facilities management, and government requisites and guidelines.

Property Leasing

With our exclusive representation, amid the prevailing market conditions, the clients will:  have greater concessions,  gain greater lease flexibility, and get positive responses over leasing the property.


Facilities Management

Buniah is engaged in the supervision of services and processes that support the core business of Property management. We focus on using best business practice to improve efficiency by increasing productivity while reducing operating costs. We are involved in both strategic planning and day to day operations in relation to buildings and premises.

Areas of responsibility cover procurement & contract management, health, safety & security maintenance.

Buniah is responsive in every administrative concern in Project Management including planning, documents submittal, coordination, monitoring & security and turn-over.