It is aptly a team of dedicated industry professionals who believe that strong creations -structures or relationships, rest on a strong foundation. Our business is built on years of experience in the regional market enhanced by a network of top-notch consultants worldwide. The strong relationship with clients and stakeholders are based on the complete understanding and sharing of their strategic objectives and goals in the pursuit of excellence.

Our gamut of integrated services range from addressing investment advisory needs to capital acquisition and development management, based on systematic research and intuitive foresight. Driven by value maximization, resource optimization, and selective acquisition, we target just the right markets and asset classes.

We focus our efforts in acquiring perfectly located properties, offering reliable core income and growth potential.


To provide comprehensive investment solutions that will integrate every aspect of property development thereby realizing the commercial aspirations of our clients and the market, through unique synergetic projects.


Doing business based on certain ethics is not only about being a good corporate citizen; it’s a good way to do business too. That differentiates a reliable company of long-term objectives, value client and partner relationships: a company that you can rely on and build your business with.

Buniah’s code of ethics are largely internalised and determine the behaviour of all those bearing its badge during a business interface – right from the Board of Directors to employees and vendors. Ethical practices are ominous in our vision and values, and encompass all interactions with clients, customers, vendors and employees.

• Our image and reputation is a greatest asset wherein both integrity and fairness are not compromised.
• Fair practice, equal opportunity, compassion at work, and utter confidentiality in business interactions are observed.
• Buniah condemns undue advantage through corruption and discreet deals, inhuman working conditions, and unfair exploitation of privileged information or unfortunate circumstances.
• Buniah respects the cultural sensitivity of the region they operate in and adheres to the development interest of the nation, as well as the law of the land.
• The vision of Buniah goes beyond the gains of the moment and gives due importance to the sustainability of development – both in terms of corporate social responsibility and as a committed practitioner of environment-friendly business.

Deliver strategic and coordinated solutions to loss, risk/return and liquidity requirements of client base to maximize success.

To nurture the company’s human resources as valuable asset by enriching skills and knowledge, fostering ethics and team building which in turn leads to our clients’ investment benefits.


Our core philosophy is based on these principles:
Access to deal flow: Through an established network of relationships with the brokerage community for asset acquisition in all our target markets, Buniah offers an unparalleled property choices as well as capital facilitation.
Efficient Investment process: A highly disciplined, monitored and pro-active investment strategy that identifies markets with favorable demand and supply characteristics.

Optimal Dispositions: Our professional team has the required experience to negotiate and close deals to offer win-win solutions to all interested parties and cultivate successful future relationship.
The strength and success of Buniah stem from these set of ethos which are observed in everyday operations. They are at the heart of Buniah, reflecting an unparalleled focus, reliability of commitment, maximization of rewards, and consistently fulfilling relationships.


Buniah’s management steers the successful wheel. Our directors and managers, with their talent, expertise, wisdom and wit, provide the Buniah’s sales team and human resources the leverage and 360 degree approach to the market needs.


We salute our team of experienced real estate agents, facility managers and other professionals. These men & women, aptly Team Buniah, empower market buyers, sellers and their agents to achieve highest goals. We get them in place and at the right time to develop strategy from planning to the customer’s secure future.